Directed by Simth & Foulkes
Produced by Nexus Productions
Producer Tracey Cooper 

1st AC Mark Swaffield
Motion Control Matthew Day
Gaffer Aldo Camilleri

Art Department 
Arch Model Studio 

Coke 'Building'
Studio shoot with model sets with GC set extentions and characters. 
Smith & Foulkes wanted to combine the detail and organic textures of traditonally hand built sets populated by CG charcacters. This presented unique challenges and demanded careful consideration by key department heads throughout pre-production and the shoot.  
Most of these decisions needed to be made quickly so that the model build could commence with those plans in hand. 
It was necessary to shoot the exterior shells of the buildings and interior sets to be seen through the window apertures as entirely separate passes and with exactly matching motion control moves. 
VFX supremo, Ben Cowell-Thomas, had plotted pre-vis moves in CG which the real motion control moves needed to broadly match to. Matthew Day did a fantastic job building moves around our physical sets. 
There were many complexities during the course of the ten-day shoot, many anticipated with few that demanded spontaneous solutions. For example, how to create some of the shadows that fell into the interior sets when the exterior set that would have created those shadows was removed! 

All in all a great example of different departments working in unison both before and during the 
shoot - a hugely talented model team, camera and VFX doing a really sterling job all round.

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