Creative Director - Matt McDermott
Animation Director -Tony Farquar-Smith @Th1ng
Creative - Oliver Harnett
Producer - Jessica Archer
Production Manager - Louisa Chadwick
Art Director - Ali Gartshore
Production -Th1ng
Agency - Red Bee Media
Client - BBC Four Marketing
Sound Design - Rich House
Electric Dreams turned the world of one ordinary British family upside down, as their home was 'renovated' to the standard of a typical house in 1970 - the dawn of the digital age - and then fast-forwarded at the rate of a year per day through the technological revolution of the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties. How would children cope when they had to swap social networking sites and games consoles for black-and-white television and vinyl records?On the Electric Dreams website, you can still reminisce about the games, gadgets and gizmos of the 70s, 80s and 90s for yourself in the Time Tunnel. Watch rare archive clips about 80s computers, Speak & Spell, the Walkman, the Rubik's cube, and more.Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe conducted a caustic, informative but ultimately affectionate analysis of the inner workings of the computer games industry.The Life and Death of a Mobile Phone took a quirky look at what mobile phones might think of their owners' embarrassing calls and ill-advised texts.Upgrade Me followed poet Simon Armitage's quest to uncover the mystery behind our obsession with technological upgrades.Podfather told the epic story behind the silicon chip's inventor - a man who, according to some, remains the most important person that most of us have never heard of.Micro Men starred Alexander Armstrong and Martin Freeman as maverick visionary Sir Clive Sinclair and his former colleague Chris Curry, retelling the story of how they went head to head to achieve domination of the growing home computer market in the 1980s.